09. 2020

Visit PRO FachHANDEL 2019

Are you interested in innovative products and services from the world of convenience and beverage specialized trade? Then you are exactly right at PRO FachHANDEL 2019! Meet interesting people, discover something new and visit us in Nuremberg on the 26st and 27th of September 2019.

your bespoke event of the Beverage and Convenience Specialist trade

Decision makers, salespeople and purchasers meet at PRO FachHANDEL
Make use of this remarkable platform to present your products, technologies or services in an attractive ambience. read more

PRO FachHANDEL - Platform for beverage and convenience specialists

PRO FachHANDEL is the leading fair in the German convenience and beverage specialised trade.

PRO FachHANDEL is unique as it offers a concentration of decision-makers from all specialist retailers, sales and marketing managers as well as interested representatives of the specialist trade.

The established communication platform creates an array of opportunities for trade and industry, for doing business, creating new business ideas and developing successful strategies. An unmissable event for the entire sector.

Special areas

Special area “BIER LIVE” (BEER LIVE)

Beer is on everyone lips. This is why, for the third consecutive year, we have created a special area at PRO FachHANDEL, “BIER LIVE”. Last year more than 30 exhibitors showed their innovative products.

“BIER LIVE” gives local and national/worldwide creative breweries and importers the opportunity to introduce their creations and talk about the art of brewing.
Various sorts and styles of beer can be sampled in a relaxed atmosphere. You can pursue your passion for discovering new products which have not yet found their way into the German market.

Exhibitors present innovative ideas in conversations not only focused on their beer products, but also on distribution solutions: ideas on the ways to market their products (pubs, restaurants, beverage shops) and clever ways to exploit the considerable sales potential of their products. Lively conversations take place in this special area where people come to meet like-minded people, talk shop with experts and mine profits.

Special area “Newcomer Market”

Traditional craftsmanship in making beverage and spirits is growing in popularity and this is also true at PRO FachHANDEL. So, we have created the “Newcomer Market”. In this exclusive special area, innovative start-ups with the origin, regionality, identity and pioneering spirit of the young, pleasure-seeking end consumer will find the perfect setting to present their products.

Specialist dealer und wholesaler, seeking new and innovative products and trends for their demanding pub and restaurant customers are invited here; to discover products which can help them differentiate themselves from ‘range of food’ retailers.

For further information on this, see last year‘s brochure
here (only available in German).

You are in good hands. Our PRO FachHANDEL team is happy to advise you personally and competently and will also be available during the fair.


Trade fair organisation/ Spokesman

Alexander Berger
Tel.: 0911 39306 24
Fax: 0911 39306 29

Trade fair organisation

Holger von Dorn
Tel.: 0911 39306 20
Fax: 0911 39306 29

Team for technical coordination and exhibitor services

Frau Cetinkaya
Tel.: 0911 39306 330
Fax: 0911 39306 29

Frau Rühl
Tel.: 0911 39306 21
Fax: 0911 39306 29


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